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LetThemKnow promotions is an events and promotions company, based in London but working nationwide, specialising in delivering and creating brand awareness campaigns and activations on all levels from consumer and retail, to wholesale and distribution. Staffing and event management are at the core of our business but there isn't an event service we can't supply!

Whether you have a campaign you want to see implemented, have an idea you want to get market ready or a product or service, but no idea of the best way to LetThemKnow, then we want to help!

Chris Wellington
Chris Wellington

Managing Director

Chris has been managing and consulting for international brands for many years. As a hands on manager he understands the current market. He always endeavours to do what is best for the brand.

Previously Chris has had a lot of experience in sales and marketing both face to face and on social media.

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Zoe Bladon

National Account Manager

Zoe has been managing accounts with LTKP since Jan '18. She is perfectly suited to finding out what clients need and translating that in to something tangible. 

Previously Zoe has had a lot of experience in patient relations in private healthcare and NHS, we feel this experience boosts her interpersonal skills and means she can understand what you need!

Brands we collaborate with 

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