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Feedback and Testimonials


Lucie Rivlan

Yoplait, Skyr

  • ‘it was a pleasure to work with you, very professional, flexible and so quick to implement. One of our best sampling ! My manager husband saw the sampling in Oxford Street as he worked nearby and told us it was the best sampling he ever saw, consumers and staff were very engaged. We will definitely reach out for our next campaign samplings on our Yoplait brands!’

Shane Stewart


  • ‘Another mega campaign mate! Cracking work and please thank the team for the massive energy. Smooth and easy our side as ever​


Beth Chick

Built For Athletes

  • ‘We couldn’t run our events without LTK, special shoutout to Max, as ever. So happy with our vehicle and really helpful that you store it between events, thanks again’

Helena Poland

Canary Wharf Group

  • ‘We just love working with you and LTK, always supported and seamless. Our recent Steven Bartlett event couldn't have been so successful without your team’

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