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During each assignment you are required at all times to comply with the relevant Company rules, policies and procedures in force from time to time including, without prejudice, the rules, policies and procedures set out in paragraphs 14.1 - 14.10 below:

Staff/client relations: Staff and clients both require permission from THE COMPANY before working directly with each other. 
Disciplinary procedures:
The Company has its own Disciplinary Procedure Policy (“DPP”) which the Company reserves the right to change from time to time. If you require a copy of the DPP, please request it in writing from the Staffing Director.
The Company can suspend you from an assignment for as long as it sees fit in order to investigate any aspect of your performance. The Company may set conditions to this suspension which must be followed in full.
During a period of suspension payment will not be made to you for loss of work.
Health and safety
You agree to comply with all health and safety guidelines and instructions which the Company may give to you from time to time and to complete without delay all health and safety questionnaires that the Company may send to you from time to time.
Gross misconduct
It is your responsibility to the Company to ensure that you do not commit any act of gross misconduct and report any matters of concern immediately to the Staffing Director. The following is a non-exhaustive list of matters that will normally be regarded as gross misconduct and will be dealt with under the Company’s disciplinary procedure:
Sending another to represent you on an assignment you are booked by the Company;
Directly contacting any of the Company’s clients without prior consent from the Company;
Smoking in non-smoking areas or while wearing an uniform;
Being under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs or other substances during the time you are working for the Company;
Failure to comply with the social networking terms set out in this document;
Using a Company vehicle without authorisation;
Failure to attend work without notifying a member of the Staffing Department;
Theft, fraud, embezzlement or other dishonesty including fabrication of expense claims and time sheets;
Being involved in any irregular practices in respect of cash, vouchers, book-keeping or accounts;
Unauthorised possession of, negligence or malicious damage to, the Company’s property, vehicles, exhibition stands, equipment, other peoples’ possessions or goods entrusted to your care;
Disposing of leaflets or products without the Company’s consent;
Fighting, assault or attempted assault on any person during working hours or when attending social functions associated with work;
Bullying or harassment;
Criminal or fraudulent offences committed within working hours or on the Company’s premises (which the Company may also need to report to the relevant authority);
Divulging confidential information likely to cause harm to the Company, its clients or otherwise;
Gross carelessness or neglect of duty risking serious consequences to the health and/or safety of any of the Company's employees or the public or to the Company's property, vehicles or business reputation;
Disobeying or refusing to carry out the reasonable instructions of a superior authorised to give you instructions;
Failure to perform substantially any or all of your obligations under the contract in a manner satisfactory to the Company;
In the reasonable opinion of the Staffing Director negligence or incompetency in the performance of the work;
Bringing the Company into disrepute.
You must appear clean and smart at all times when working on an assignment, particularly when you may be in contact with clients or the general public.
Your footwear must be safe and clean and take account of health and safety considerations.
You must not wear clothing or jewellery that could present a health and safety risk. If you are given a uniform this must be worn in full at all times. All uniforms must be kept clean and maintained. All uniforms must be returned at the end of an assignment. You must ensure that all branding from your clothing is either removed or covered during your break times. You booking confirmation will instruct you on any additional uniform to be provided and worn by yourself; if you do not have any of the additionally required items please notify the Staffing Department immediately.
The Company reserves the right to ask you to return home if your appearance is found to be unsuitable for the purpose of the environment or the assignment you are booked. If this occurs you will be asked to either make up the time you have missed or the Company will deduct payment for time lost.
Long hair must be tied back unless otherwise stated on your booking confirmation.
Facial piercing must be removed and tattoos covered, the Company does not consider these appropriate when representing clients or the Company.
Facial hair must be neat and trimmed.
Jewellery must be kept to a minimum with only religious items, stud earrings and wedding rings to be acceptable.
Make-up should be light and fresh faced unless otherwise stated on your booking confirmation.
Social Media
The restrictions in respect of use of social media set out in this paragraph 14.5 are to ensure that confidential and proprietary information and reputation of the Company and its clients are protected at all times. The restrictions will apply to the use of all forms of social media, including, without limitation, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, My Space, Bebo, 4 Square, Wikipedia, all other social networking sites, and all other internet postings, including blogs:
You must not during or following work on an assignment with the Company (i) breach any copyright or data protection laws, (ii) make derogatory comments about the Company, the assignment, Company’s brand, product, suppliers or customers, (iii) include any material that could be determined as harassment.
The Company requires that care and consideration is used if anyone chooses to discuss their work via any social networking site; photographs and comments should always be posted in good faith and in the Company’s best interests.
You must be considerate at all times of who is able to view your comments and photographs.
If anything that is considered detrimental to the Company or its clients is brought to the Staffing Department’s attention whether during or following an assignment will be investigated and appropriate actions will be taken immediately which may include suspension or termination.
Code of Conduct
Please remember that during any assignment you are representing the Company, the brand and most importantly YOURSELF.
You must arrive for all assignments at least 30 minutes prior to your live working hours
You must adhere to the terms of your booking guidelines at all times.
Uniforms must be worn during working hours and by the terms stated in this agreement.
Closed toes shoes must be worn on all assignments. If you are working in store you must sign in and out of the visitor book.
You must not leave work before the end time stipulated on your booking confirmation without prior consent from either your event manager or a member of the Staffing Department. No mobile phones to be used during working hours. All food and drink to be consumed during allocated breaks. All branding must be removed or covered during breaks. Smoking is to be restricted to break times only.
You must conduct yourself in a professional and respectful manner at all times.
You are required to be proactive, vocal, friendly and enthusiastic throughout all assignments.
No alcohol or drugs are to be consumed prior to or during an assignment.
Any illness or prescribed medication that has side effects that may affect your performance, ability to carry out the duties required of the assignment or your ability to drive or operate machinery (where this is required) must be alerted to your event manager or the Staffing Director in advance of your start time.
If you are provided with a hotel you may be required to share, any additional costs incurred out with the Company’s booking will be charged to you.
The Company is not liable to you for any loss or damage to personal property during an assignment.
The Company reserves the right to use all campaign photographs and portrait pictures submitted by you for internal and external purposes.
When on assignment and taking photographs you must get consent of any consumers/members of the public.
You must get written consent from the parents/guardians of any photograph taken of a child under the age of 16.
Company vehicles
Company vehicles cannot be used for personal use.
They can only be used by designated drivers on each assignment these will be notified to you when you booked.
Only Company property and personal belongings maybe transported or stored within the Company vehicles. Any personal belongings kept in the Company vehicle whilst unmanned are at your own risk and should therefore be kept to a minimum. If you are the nominated driver of a Company vehicle you must provide your full UK driving licence to the Staffing Department prior to the commencement of an assignment for insurance purposes and as outlined in section 5.4, in order for the Company to satisfy itself that you have the correct documentation to properly undertake the assignment. You must adhere to the road safety regulations at all times and as outlined more fully in sections 5.4 and 14.6 (n), you must be fit and legally compliant to drive. You are liable for all parking,motoring fines and any unauthorised congestion charges during the period you are in possession of the Company vehicle. You are also liable for any malicious or negligent damage to Company or personal property (whether yours or other peoples if the damages have been caused by you), the vehicle used to undertake the assignment and any personal or vehicle insurance excess/claims due to these insurance policies being invalid due to your actions. Reclaim will be as outlined in section 9.3 of this agreement.
You are not allowed to smoke, drink, take or transport drugsin any Company vehicle. If you breakdown or have an accident please notify the Staffing Director immediately and call the relevant contact found in your paperwork for assistance. If you are required to use your own car you must ensure your insurance is adequate to cover the duties you are performing within the assignment.
All petrol cards issued are for use on Company assignments only and must be returned immediately after the termination of the assignment.
Confidential information
You shall not use or disclose to any person, either during or at any time after your engagement by the Company, any confidential information about the business or affairs of the Company or any of its business contacts, or about any other matters which may come to your knowledge as a result of carrying out assignments. For the purposes of this clause, confidential information means any information or matter which is not in the public domain and which relates to the affairs of the Company or any of its business contacts.
The restriction in this clause does not apply to: prevent you from making a protected disclosure within the meaning of section 43A of the Employment Rights Act 1996; or
use or disclosure that has been authorised by the Company or is required by law or in the course of your duties.
Company property
All documents, manuals, hardware and software provided for your use by the Company, and any data or documents (including copies) produced, maintained or stored on the Company's computer systems or other electronic equipment (including mobile phones), remain the property of the Company.
Any Company property in your possession and any original or copy documents obtained by you in the course of your work for the Company shall be returned to a member of the Staffing Department at any time on request and in any event at the end of each assignment.
The Company may withhold payment of any sums due to you until it is satisfied that all property in your possession obtained by you in the course of your work to the Company has been returned to a member of the Staffing Department.
You are liable for any damages caused to Company property whilst in your possession.

You will only be paid for the hours that you work. The rate of pay applicable to you will vary depending on the nature of the assignment you are offered and/or the duties required of you and will be notified to you on offer of the assignment.
The Company will make all necessary deductions from your salary as required by law and shall be entitled to deduct from your pay or other payments due to you any money which you may owe to the Company at any time. This includes work time claimed but not worked, any damage to company property, vehicles, exhibition stands or equipment, excess insurance where the Company insurance is invalid due to your negligence, unauthorised use of petrol cards, parking fines, penalties and un-authorised congestion charges. The Company also reserves the right to invoice you for any of these monies which are due should your salary not cover the required amount. Payment will normally be expected within 3 months.
Failure to complete and return any reports, paperwork or Company property by the requested date, time and/or method requested by the Company on each assignment may result in the Company withholding pay and expenses.
If you are underpaid the Company will correct this by paying the underpayment in the next payroll run. In the event of an overpayment made by the Company you agree that the Company will make a deduction to your next payment. If an overpayment is not noticed for some time, you agree that the Company will reclaim the overpayment by making deductions from your subsequent wages, possibly on a deferred payment basis and by agreement with you. Should you not be provided with assignments for a period of 3 months, you will be expected to reimburse the overpayment to the Company by cheque. Failure to do so may result in court action being taken against you.

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